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Are you passionate about writing and consistency is your habit? Then we would love to hear from a talented author like you, who loves to write about health and fitness such as Body building. As a writer we want you to think of your audience first and what are they expecting from you? We welcome all writers who can contribute consistently to Colosseumstrength.com.
Subjects We entertain and Appreciate
  • Health and Fitness
  • Body Building
  • Nutritional and Supplements (research and reviews)
  • Viral News
  • Workout videos with instructions must be original
  • Fitness Gear and Gadgets Reviews
  • Any personal fitness experiences with fitness gadgets
  • Personal Fitness stories that will entertain our audience


What Content we do not Publish
  • We filter out any content that was previously or will be published in the future on other websites
  • We do not entertain any unrelated content to our niche
  • Dull and tedious content are prohibited
  • Are you looking to promote your content or product, please visit to Advertise With Us.
  • Trying to get quick backlinks to your site or social media is unavailable at this moment.



Tone and Voice Of Colosseum Strength
  • Professional
  • Committed
  • Inspiring
  • Consistent
  • Motivational
  • Witty
  • Friendly
  • Positive
  • Polite
  • No critics
  • Unique
  • Write as You are a Fan



Guidelines For Writers
  • The minimum words requirement for any Article is 700 to 850 Words.
  • The content must be fresh in order to get published
  • Title of your Article must be Catchy
  • Write Short Paragraphs
  • Write Short Sentences
  • Pay attention to grammar and details of the articles
  • Use Subheadings
  • Use bullets or numbered
  • Images must be related to your articles
  • Articles must be Educational, enlightening and yet delightful content


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